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2004 MUTINY IN STEREO LP/CD - Mint/Lookout/Screaming Apple cooperative release

2002 – "USELESS ROCKER" 7" picture disc – Supersonicrefridge

2001 – SMUGGLERS/MACH PELICAN SPLIT 7" – Corduroy                                                                   2000 - ROSIE - LP/CD - Mint/Lookout cooperative release

1998 - GROWING UP SMUGGLER -  Ten Year Anniversary Live Album - LP/CD - Mint/Lookout cooperative release
1997 - BUDDY HOLLY CONVENTION - 7"/ CD EP - Mint/Lookout cooperative release
1996 - SELLING THE SIZZLE - LP/CD - Mint/Lookout! cooperative release
1996 - SUMMER GAMES - 7"/CD EP - Mint/Lookout! cooperative release (split w/Hi-Fives)
1995 - SENOR PANTSDOWN - 7" EP - Rock and Roll Inc.
1995 - WHIPLASH! - 7" - 1+2
1995 - TALKIN BOUT YOU - 7" - Pin Up
1994 - PARTY PARTY PARTY POOPER! - 7" - Mint
1994 - WET PANTS CLUB - CD - Radiation
1994 - GOTTA GOTTA GOTTA - 7" - For Monsters (split w/Hoods)
1994 - TATTOO DAVE - 7" - Top Drawer (split w/Bum)
1993 - WET PANTS CLUB - mini LP - Radiation
1992 - AT GERMANY - 7" - Screaming Apple
1991 - AT MARINELAND - 10" LP - Nardwuar
1990 - UP AND DOWN - 7" - Nardwuar


Smugglers Tracks on Compilations

2003 - "Larry Where Are You" on Lookout Freakout 3 - Lookout

2001 – "Buddy Holly Convention", "Rosie", "Rock n’ Roll Was Never This Fun" on Team Mint 2 – Mint

2000 - "Flying Buttress Of Love" on Lookout! Freakout - CD - Lookout

2000 - "Alan Thicke" on My So Called Punk Rock Life - CD - Melted  

1997 - "Rock 'n' Roll Was Never This Fun" on All Punk Rods Gearhead magazine LP/CD - Gearhead/Lookout  

1997 - "Cans Of Love" on You're Only As Good As The Last Thing You Did CD - Lookout  

1997 - "Keep On" and "Rock With The Smugglers Tonight!" on More Bounce To The Ounce" LP/CD - Lookout  

1996 - "Especially You" and "Elite Manilla" on Heide Sez CD - Lookout  

1996 - "To Serve, Protect And Entertain", "She Ain't No Egyptian" and "Barkerville" on Team Mint CD -Mint                         

1996 - "She's A Runaround" on Here Comes The Summer:  A Tribute To The Undertones - CD/LP - Squaretarget

1996 - "B.A.B.E." on En Guard For Thee - CD - Au Go Go

1995 - "What Do You Want Me To Do" on Oh Canaduh - CD/LP - Lance Rock

1995 - "Stop! Look! Listen!" on Skookum Chief Powered Teenaged Zit Rock Angst - CD/LP - Nardwuar

1995 - "Amnesia" on 13 Soda Punx - CD/LP - Top Drawer/Munster cooperative release

1995 - "Supercar" on R.A.F.R. - CD - RAFR/Flipside cooperative release

1995 - "Supercar" on R.A.F.R. - CD - RAFR/Flipside cooperative release

1995 - "Whatd I Do Wrong" on Upsalapalooza - CD - WMFU (live Track)

1992 - "Shes Got Everything" on Clam Chowder and Ice Versus Big Macs and Bombers - LP

1989 - "Revenge" on Oh God, My Moms On Channel Ten! - LP

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GROWINGUP.GIF (4374 bytes)"Growing Up Smuggler: A Tenth Anniversary Live Album" LP/CD (Mint/Lookout/Imposible/1+2)
This is it folks! Ten years of the Smugglers all captured on one album! What we've got here is a celebration of everyone's favourite party band rockin' through a furious set of hits in the soiled confines of El Sol club
in downtown Madrid Spain. The set list contains highlights of the band's recorded career included hard to find live faves like "Stop! Look! Listen!", "What Do You Want Me To Do?", "Kiss Like A Nun", "Shakedown!", "Supercar" and more. Also included are top Smug hits like "Especially You", "Alan Thicke", and "To Serve And Protect". This is no tinny sounding live recording either. Produced by Kurt Bloch, it is literally the closest thing to being at a Smugglers show and it sounds great! What makes this album
even better is the novel-like liner notes included. Scrolled by the poisen-pen of lead singer Grant Lawrence, the many pages of stories capture the highs and lows of each year of the Smugglers with lots of photos and
gig poster art to illustrate the booklet. The album is available on four labels world wide, but you can get both formats right here. Both CD and vinyl come with exclusive songs!






"The Smugglers "Buddy Holly Convention" CD-EP/7" (Mint/Lookout Records)
As a reaction to the constant cat-calls directed towards the Smugglers on their eye-ware of choice in their various world travels, The Smugglers have aptly titled their latest collection of rockers "Buddy Holly Convention." Produced by patented rock'n'roll genius Kurt Bloch, "Buddy Holly Convention" showcases songs (six on the CD and four on the seven inch) recorded directly after the exhausting 96/97 "Selling The Sizzle" campaign. The results are a furious collection of tasty tunes with colorful titles such as "Melee In Madrid," "Cans Of Love" and "She's A Machine." It's a great record. Strap on the geek-goggles to "Cans Of Love" and "Buddy Holly Convention" now!                                    

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sizzle.gif (4094 bytes)"Selling The Sizzle" LP/CD
Say it with us, cyber-rockers! "Don't Sell The Steak - Sell The Sizzle!!!" Yessir, that's the Smugglers motto of performance, whether it be on the stage or in the studio, you better count on the three "E's" of rock'n'roll from the Schmugs: ELECTRICITY, ENERGY and EXCITEMENT!!! "Selling The Sizzle" sizzles on all 15 tracks including the `hit' video song "Especially You", the cops'n'robbers blast of "To Serve, Protect And Entertain" and the radio stomper "The Dedication." Top it with the thick and oozing charm of the best dressed band to ever grace a stage in rubber boots and it's a hell of a party album!                    

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highfive.gif (3693 bytes)The Smugglers/The Hi-Fives "Summer Games" 7"/CD-EP
Here's the second split EP from Mint and Lookout, this one sporting the two suavest rock'n'roll groups of thrift-store talent today. These two bands both spent years constantly listening to people compare them to each other before they finally met - and immediately hit it off. So much that the Smugglers and the Hi-Fives toured together, partied together, recorded together and even released a record together. Hope you love all four songs as much as they (and Mint) do!
Pull out the ear wax and dig in!                                        

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"Party... Party... Party... Pooper!" 7" EP grant.gif (3326 bytes)
nickbeez.gif (3708 bytes)Canada's Ambassadors Of Rock'n'Roll honour Mint Records with four exclusive tracks of their patented smarmy, schlocky, upbeat, fabulous rock'n'roll action. Like Kiss, there are FOUR separate full color front covers to this release, so obviously it's expected that you buy all four, though all the songs are exactly the same on each record. This honey features four great Smugglers songs that can be heard nowhere else.bryce.gif (3576 bytes)david.gif (3922 bytes)
Poop your pants when you hear                                

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