Mutiny In Stereo is the latest and greatest studio album created by a band of friends from Vancouver British Columbia Canada called The Smugglers.

"Mutiny In Stereo" was recorded in the blazing Vancouver summer of 2003 at an easy pace. No hard deadlines, no clock-watching, no stress, and it shows. The album is a sharp, relaxed, raucous album stacked with eleven hook-filled rock’n’roll songs. "Mutiny In Stereo" is self-produced and contains all original material, two firsts for Los Schmugs. The album is also an enhanced CD, containing all four of the Smugglers videos and a hilarious “Making Of” featurette.

Many of the songs included on "Mutiny In Stereo" hold a special place in the heart of the Smugglers. "Pirate Ships", the buzzsaw attack that kick-starts the record, is a metaphor for the insurgent survival of rock ‘n’ roll:

"Nick wrote that one" says lead singer Grant Lawrence. "It’s actually already one of my favourite Smugglers songs we’ve ever done. It’s so exciting to play. Back in the late 50s and early 60s, rock’n’roll was essentially banned from the airwaves in Great Britain so these pirate radio ships would anchor themselves off the coast of England and Wales and spin records, blasting it back to shore. Kids would hide under their covers and listen to forbidden rock music on their homemade transistor radios. Nick’s uncle in Wales told us that story and we were so energized by it, the song was written almost instantly".

The lead off single and video for "Mutiny In Stereo" is the scorching garage rocker "Billy-Billy":

"Nick actually came in with that song the day before we were to record the album" explains lovable Smugglers bassist Beez. "We were like ‘Nick! You idiot! Weíre recording TOMORROW!’ I was going to refuse entirely because I have enough trouble remembering songs that we’ve done for years, but he insisted and amazingly, the song came together right away and it just clicked. Each of us sings a verse. Of course it turns out to be the single!"

A classic song from the Smugglers "vaults" appears on "Mutiny In Stereo":

"Mach 1" actually originally came out back in 1994 on an album of our called "Wet Pants Club" explains guitarist Nick Thomas. "There were only about 2000 copies made and those were primarily sold in Spain. We’ve always totally loved this "Mach 1" song Dave wrote ten years ago about the car with the tiny back window roaring through the Rockies. We brought it back in the set and it was sounding so good we re-recorded it. Dan from Destroyer insisted we include on the record".

Making its recorded debut on "Mutiny In Stereo" is "Don’t Mess With Beez", a live favourite from the past couple of years:

"Yeah, that song is stupidly fun to play and gets everybody going, band and audience" says Grant Lawrence. "The danceable pace of the song is in classic Sonics style. We got this Scottish skinhead guy to play sax. And of course itís all about Beez, by far the most popular Smuggler, much to my chagrin. The verses basically chronicle some of Beez’ more outrageous adventures. Since he’s spent the last six months in India while this record was being manufactured, I’m sure we’ll have to do a "Donít Mess With Beez" part two pretty soon. What rhymes with “violent diarrhea?" 

With the release of "Mutiny In Stereo", expect the Smugglers to take their world-renowned live attack to a town near you. Expect smashing Smugglers appearances in 2004 and 05 at Canadian Music Week, South By Southwest, CMJ, and the Halifax Pop Explosion.

For all the lyrics to our latest and greatest and the lyrics to all our earlier efforts, click here.


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