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"Rosie" is of course the latest Smugglers album: a thirteen song rock 'n' roll blast, which we feel captures the Smugglers in our finest hour yet. The album is produced by rock 'n' roll maniac Kurt Bloch, and is out on Lookout and Mint Records the world over.

Once the album is out, that means the Smugglers show will be up and at 'em again, and for detailed tour dates, click here

Below is what Lookout Records says about the record, and you can also click on the links to check the 'making of', the 'lyrics', and how to buy one for your own self!

"I tear open my shirt, and show her the 'Rosie' on my chest"

- "The Wanderer", DION AND THE BELMONTS, 1962

From the Lookout Records publicity files:

THE SMUGGLERS are everyone's favorite live band. With songs that are catchy as hell played with ferocious musicianship and energy, THE SMUGGLERS win over every audience member, every time. Of their 1999 SXSW showcase performance, the Austin Chronicle wrote, "Their set flew by with a precision more akin to a military review or synchronized swimming".If THE SMUGGLERS somehow manage to capture their formidable live prowess in the studio their spot in the upper echelons will be assured."

With the recording of their new album, Rosie, THE SMUGGLERS have done exactly that.   Rosie boasts thirteen hot new songs produced by Kurt Bloch (FASTBACKS, YOUNG FRESH FELLOWS and Grammy nominated producer for NASHVILLE PUSSY) in THE SMUGGLERS' hometown of Vancouver, BC, Canada. It's easily the bands' most intense effort to date. Rosie's title track features a duet with Grant Lawrence and guest vocalist Rose Melberg, one of the queens of indie rock (TIGER TRAP, GO SAILOR, THE SOFTIES). Along with a blistering cover of BROWNSVILLE STATION'S "Kings Of The Party," and your favorite KINKS slow jam, "I'll Remember,"

THE SMUGGLERS enlisted long time friend and mentor, The MR. T EXPERIENCE's Dr.Frank, to pen them the great tunes "She's Another Thing" and the hilarious and verbose "Coffee, Tea or Me?." "Teen Mob!" features a homage to Lookout! label mates and teen heartthrobs, THE DONNAS, Kepi from the GROOVIE GHOULIES contributes some vocals to "Death at Disneyland" and other ferocious Rosie rockers like "Booze Can" and "Rock Thy Neighbour" will be sure to rip the roof right off your y2k emergency shelter.

The Smugglers are dedicated to pushing Rosie as far as she can go. Look for the band on tour all over the world in 2000 and beyond!